About us

Our purpose and functions

Our purpose

To achieve the market objectives in the operation and evolution of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and Gas Services Information (GSI). We accomplish this through collaboration, efficient processes and independent leadership, using our resources efficiently and investing in our people. 


Our functions

Our functions are established under the: 

Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM)
  • The IMO operates the WEM in accordance with the Wholesale Market Objectives;
  • maintains and develops the Market Rules to ensure the market operates in an economically efficient manner;
  • administers the Reserve Capacity Mechanism to ensure there is sufficient capacity to meet peak demand; and
  • monitors compliance by Rule Participants to maintain the integrity and transparency of the market.

Gas Services Information (GSI)
  • The IMO establishes, operates and maintains the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB);
  • activates and operates the Emergency Management Facility, when directed by the Coordinator of Energy;
  • prepares and publishes the Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO) annually;
  • collects, collates, manages, uses and discloses information for the purposes of the GBB and GSOO, in accordance with requirements for confidential information;
  • registers certain Gas Market Participants and Facilities, and issues exemptions from registration or the provision of certain information, where applicable;
  • maintains and develops the GSI Rules and Procedures, in consultation with stakeholders; and
  • monitors, investigates and enforces compliance with the GSI Rules and Procedures.