WEM Rules

WEM Regulations

The WEM is established under the Electricity Industry (Wholesale Electricity Market) Regulations 2004.

The WEM Regulations cover the responsibilities and functions of the governance bodies including the IMO and the Electricity Review Board, as well as detailing requirements for registration and enforcement of the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules (Market Rules).

Market Rules

The Market Rules govern the operation of the WEM in the South West interconnected system.

The Market Rules detail the roles and functions of the IMO and other governance bodies, and guide the operation of the market including the trading and dispatch of energy, the Reserve Capacity Mechanism and settlement.

The current Market Rules consist of the Wholesale Electricity Market Amending Rules which weregazetted on 19 September 2006, together with all gazetted amendments made by the Minister for Energy prior to 15 December 2006 and amendments made by the IMO since 15 December 2006.

This consolidated version of the Market Rules is provided as a clean copy for information. A hard copy is available for viewing in the IMO's office.

Market Rules - Chapters

Rule Changes

All Rule Change Proposals progressed since the commencement of the formal Rule Change Process on 15 December 2006 can be found here. Any amendments to the Market Rules prior to this time were progressed by the Public Utilities Office (former Office of Energy) on behalf of the Minister for Energy and can be accessed by contacting the Public Utilities Office